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由罗伯特·罗素纪念基金会赞助 - The Robert Russell Memorial Foundation was created by Bob Russell, a long-time Miami leader. It was activated at the time of his death in December, 1983. It funds programs for youth in Miami and supports many programs benefiting the Jewish communities in Miami, the United States, and in Israel.

此集合的资源和 IMPACT项目的想法 关于大屠杀教育 is provided to ensure that the important lessons of the Holocaust are not forgotten and will be passed on from generation to generation.

Teaching Trunks on the Holocaust sponsored by the Jack Chester Foundation
佛罗里达大屠杀博物馆位于圣. Petersburg, 由佛罗里达教育部承包, invites you to use their dynamic literature-based lessons about the Holocaust, genocide, 以及人格教育. These large teaching trunks are designed to accommodate the needs of one class or a team of teachers from first grade to high school. The selected materials align with state standards and are grade appropriate. Loan periods for the trunks are for one month to six weeks and are available free of charge with free shipping to public schools throughout the state. 

课程注重学科领域的整合, 合作学习, 多元智能, 并强调阅读和写作技能. Themes include:

  • 不同与相同 一、二年级;
  • 创建社区 三年级和四年级;
  • 大屠杀开始 五年级的学习;
  • 调查人类行为 for middle school;
  • 大屠杀的历史观点 for high school.


  • Arts Trunk for elementary students (investigates messages through images, music, and performance)
  • 人权和种族灭绝主干 for middle and senior high students (explores human behavior and history)

Contact The Florida Holocaust Museum directly to reserve a trunk to use at your school or classroom for up to six weeks, email: or look for Teaching Trunks information in the Education section of The Florida Holocaust Museum website at

How to Implement Ideas with IMPACT Projects on the Holocaust

  • View/print the Idea Packets (guides that include lesson plans, worksheets, and resource lists) of the Holocaust projects by clicking on the project titles below.
  • Contact the Author/Disseminator of the project for advice on implementing the idea.
  • Apply  for an Adapter Grant (up to $400) for any of the Holocaust projects featured in the Ideas with IMPACT 目录或查看AG亚游集团官方网站在线图书馆 课程包 关于大屠杀教育. 

Dr. 米里亚姆·克莱因·卡森诺夫
Director, Holocaust Studies Summer Institute/University of Miami
比斯坎大道1500号.美国佛罗里达州迈阿密33132 | 305-995-1201 |
Dr. Kassenoff provides information and workshops 关于大屠杀教育. 她与Dr. Anita Meinbach: Memories of the Night: A Guide to the Holocaust and Studying the Holocaust Through Film and Literature

1933-1945 Meridian Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 | 305-538-1663 |
A powerful environmental sculpture with a series of outdoor spaces designed to lead the visitor through a procession of visual, historical, 情感体验. It provides cultural and educational programs for the community including field trips for students.

大屠杀的文档 & Education Center  (博物馆扩建部分即将开放.)
2031 Harrison Street, Hollywood, FL, 33020 | 954-929-5690 |
该中心受到了迈阿密戴德的赞扬, Broward, and Palm Beach school boards for its outstanding educational outreach programs. It provides an extensive listing of Holocaust resources and the following for educators:

  • 佛罗里达州大屠杀教育资源手册
  • 大屠杀研究教师研究所
  • 学生意识日
  • Speakers Bureau
  • 写作与视觉艺术大赛(初高中)

USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education
213-740-6001 |

  • An archive of 10,000+ online visual history testimonies of holocaust survivors.
  • Echoes & Reflections: A multi-media curriculum for high school students is available at

100 Raoul Wallenberg Place, SW, Washington, DC, 20024-2126 | 202-488-0400 |
Includes information about: background history and statistics, 教育工作者会议, 大屠杀教学指南, 历史的总结, 全国大屠杀资源中心的列表, and a searchable database of the research institute's archives and library.

佛罗里达犹太博物馆- FIU
301 Washington Avenue, South Miami Beach, FL 33139 | 305-672-5044 |
The Jewish Museum of Florida is a valuable resource for the study of Jewish identity and culture.