Teacher Care Campaign

We need You because Teachers need Us!

The Education Fund invites you to join us in our Teacher Care Campaign, now through Valentine’s Day. Please consider making a donation from your heart. 

You may remember The Education Fund Teach-A-Thon. More than 3,000 business people discovered teaching is hard. And now with COVID, teachers are doing twice as much as before to help children succeed!

Today, in this phase of the pandemic, AG亚游集团官方网站老师同时教两组学生——一半在教室上课,一半在家学习. Plus, teachers are coping with the constant uncertainty of quarantines as students become sick.

Teachers are cleaning their own classrooms, 他们正在研究如何给每个学生提供自己的一套用品,因为COVID阻止了共享. With three quarters (3/4) of our Miami-Dade students on federal aid, teachers are not only managing stressful environments, they are also footing the bill.

We ask you to join us in supporting our teachers. You can be an integral part of our Teacher Care Campaign by making a donation from your heart.




*To make a donation by ACH or Wire Transfer, please contact Mimi Pink at 305-331-4906.


Participating Teacher Champions

We thank these early Champions who jumped on board to help Teachers!

Beth Bailey, Verizon Wireless
Julie Balzano, MarineMax
Paulette Bilsky-Phillips, the305chef
Angela Burgess, Assurant
Carolyn Guerra, TD Bank
Karla Hernandez-Mats, United Teachers of Dade
Danny Marks, Metro Ford
Jackie Martinez Sancho, Humana
Diana Milton, United Property Management
Ernest P. Modock, Jr., Ford Motor Company/Autonomous Vehicles, LLC
Ralph Pagano, Naked Taco 
Darrell Payne, Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson, P.A.
Pablo J. Pino, TD Bank
Rachel Pinzur, Pinzur Communications
Helena Poleo, Influence Communications
Hector J. Ponte, Wells Fargo Bank
Joseph Roisman, Civic Leader
Nick Tootle, Kaufman Rossin & Co. P.A.
Vanessa M. Valle, Hialeah Gardens High School
Randi Wolfson, Lynn and Louis Wolfson II Family Foundation

To sign up or get more information, please contact Christy Jacomino at 786-714-0139 or cjacomino@lohashome.net.

Special thanks to our sponsor:


    How your donation makes an impact:

  • With your support, The Education Fund will receive up to $2 MILLION DOLLARS of FREE school supplies to distribute to teachers and their students.
  • Your role is to help us raise up to $500K to cover shipping and other costs.
  • What an investment — $1/2MM becomes $2.5MM. 
  • 从今天开始,每一笔捐款都会帮助AG亚游集团官方网站每周向教师提供教学用品!
  • When you donate, 你将有机会向老师发送个人的“感谢”便条来表达你的感激之情——这些便条将每周与老师分享,以帮助他们照亮他们的生活.
  • When the campaign concludes on Valentine's Day, 我们将用所有的笔记来创建一个巨大的情人节活动,以提高我们所有老师的精神.

We hope you will join us. Let’s show teachers that WE CARE. 您的捐款将帮助我们为教师提供教学用品,使他们能够教育我们最需要帮助的学生. Help teachers and students and parents succeed!

For more information about the Teacher Care Campaign or how to be a Teacher Champion, contact Christy Jacomino at 786-714-0139 or cjacomino@lohashome.net